As an ambitious actress, do you feel overwhelmed, overcommitted and spread way too thin?

Stop doing a bunch of "stuff" that keeps you busy but doesn't move your career forward.

Learn the most powerful daily, weekly and monthly actions that get results so you can fast track your success. 

"Get on the fast track to the career you really want!"



✔A simple process to clarify your goals so that you can confidently say no to the things you don’t want and make room for the things you do

✔Learn the most important areas that have the biggest impact on your career so you can maximize your results even when you have limited time

✔ Find out the most powerful actions you can take daily, weekly, and monthly to create the success you want the quickest way possible 


I’m Emily Grace. As a woman who also wears many hats (actor, entrepreneur, producer, writer, director, content creator), I totally get you. I know what a catch-22 it is to have multiple passions.  

It’s hard to build momentum when you’re getting pulled in different directions. In fact, it can be downright paralyzing to decide which direction to follow when there are so many possibilities.  

Plus, most actors are not quite the go-getters that we are, so it’s easy to feel isolated in the industry. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for more auditions as the only route to success, plus, the entire audition process leaves you feeling frustrated. You don’t like waiting around for validation or hoping to get picked.  

Your ambition gets you thinking bigger, but it can also trap you when you struggle to get going or to stay motivated. When you’re overwhelmed and paralyzed, it’s impossible to take action. Without action, there are no results. And then you’re right back where you started, no closer to creating the big vision in your mind and heart.  

Here’s the good news... I can help you get out of your head and into action, stay accountable, push yourself out of your comfort zone and make things happen.  

And together, we can become unstoppable.


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